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Become a Member

If you’re as passionate about model railroading as we are, we encourage you to apply for membership. Members are expected to contribute time, effort, and participation.

Do I need to be an experienced model railroader to join CAMRC?  Not at all! We welcome novices, master modelers, and everyone in between. If you’re a newbie, joining a club is a great (and cost-efficient) way to dive into the hobby and learn vital skills, as well as to get hands-on without the time and expense of building a home layout. (Besides, who has an attic big enough for a 25′ x 40′ railroad?) And if you’re an experienced model railroader, we’re eager to have your expertise.

Remember, too, that you will most likely bring other skills and experience that can benefit the club. Our members include woodworkers, accountants, cabinet makers, hobby shop staffers, electricians, writers, stagecraft professors, and real-life railroaders, all of whom use their life skills to benefit the club.   


Sounds great. How do I sign up?  If you’d like to become a member, please visit the club during one of our regular meetings or open houses and speak with one of our current members or club officers.  What if I don’t live locally or can’t make regular meetings?  If you would like to support the club but don’t wish to actively participate, please consider joining CAMRC as an associate member. For information, please contact us here.


Regular membership is available to those 18 & older who possess a willingness to be active in the club, and demonstrate the ability to properly operate their preferred scale, and knowledge of the club procedures and requirements. 


For those adults who live outside the greater Charleston area, or those who cannot make regular meetings, we have Associate Memberships available.

This level is great for those who may only come several times a year, but wish to still support the club and have operating access.


Junior memberships are available for teens 14 to 18.  Our junior members are required to be with a parent to provide immediate supervision.

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